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VO VINTAGE: vintage watches and jewellery

16 January 2024


EveryWatch, the innovative platform for aspiring collectors and watch veterans, will be introduced in the presence of Giovanni Prigigallo, co-founder & head of business development at EveryWatch. "Does vintage watchmaking also drive demand for the new?" is the question that a panel of experts, including Bruno Bergamaschi (aka Giorgione), Micol Bozino, watch editor, and Stefano Mazzariol, writer, dealer, and vintage Rolex expert, will address. The counterfeit industry will be tackled by Ugo Pancani, professor in mechanical and electronic watchmaking and trainer at Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, along with Carlo Maria Ceppi, heritage curator at Panerai, and Paolo Della Giorgia, legal expert and certified auditor. Market trends will then be presented in a discussion moderated by Michele Mengoli, director of Watch Insanity, and Giorgione, by a group of associates from Watch Passion: Elvio Piva, Tempus Orologi in Padova, Roberto Verde, Goldfingers Orologi in Verona, Stefano Mazzariol, Vintage Watches in Livorno, and Maurizio De Angelis, Deangelis Fine Watches in Milan and Forte dei Marmi.


Locman, a 100% Made in Italy brand and Italian excellence in the production of timepieces chosen and worn by international celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, and Nicole Kidman, will be the protagonist of the event "Locman: Watches and Made in Italy synergies" (Friday, January 19). The talk will be an opportunity to present the latest additions to the Locman collection and discuss the role of Italian watchmaking in the world, along with Marco Mantovani, president of Locman, Admiral Lorenzano Di Renzo, commander of the Naval Academy of Livorno, Alessandro Cicognani, licensing and corporate partnership director of Ducati, Alessia Crivelli, general manager of Crivelli Gioielli, and Sandro Fratini, owner of the brand L'O. Belvedere Angelico Srl. The event will be moderated by Dody Giussani, director of the monthly L'Orologio. Italy remains in the spotlight in the event "La Roma dell’orologeria è sempre più vintage," with contributions from Paolo Gobbi, journalist and director of the magazine Handmade, watch expert for Il Messaggero and Esquire, and Alessandro Salvatore, director of The Loft / Hausmann & Co.


Vintage jewellery takes center stage with four events dedicated to its evolution, from ancient origins to the future prospects of the sector. "The growth of the vintage jewelry market," exploring communication, new generations of collectors, and a very high-quality product, is one of the themes to be addressed in the meeting with Manuel Menini, collector and founder of Vincent Vintage Bijoux in Milan, moderated by Federica Frosini, director of VO+ Jewellery Magazine. The connection between watchmaking and jewellery will be explored by Carlotta Parmegiani, PR & events specialist at Monaco Legend Group, and Laura Inghirami, founder & creative director of Donna Jewel, in a discussion moderated by watch enthusiast Andrea Casalegno. Gem Talk will feature contributions from Paola Venturelli, scientific director of Fondazione Gianmaria Buccellati, and Loredana Prosperi, director of IGI – Italian Gemological Institute. "Stones and Diamonds, between collecting and vintage" is the theme of the talk moderated by Paolo Gobbi, featuring contributions from Paolo Paolillo, sole administrator of Paolillo 1880, Andrea Falcioni, sole administrator of DiamonDiamonD, and Claudia Gobbi, jewelry designer and illustration teacher.